What Is The NeurogenxTreatment?

Non-narcotic, non-surgical and non-invasive, Neurogenx provides one-of-a-kind electro-medical treatment. It is a treatment that has had dramatic results in patients across the country. Neurogenx electro-medical protocol relieves neuropathy symptoms and severe neuromuscular pain by safely using cutting-edge, high-frequency electronic waves to gently reach deep down through muscle and tissue.

The treatment creates changes at the body’s cellular level that reduce swelling, remove excess fluids and waste products, alter pH levels and increase cellular metabolism. These changes relieve pain and help healing begin.

Breakthrough Neuropathy Treatment

Traditional neuropathy treatments are frequently ineffective, have short-term results or rely on narcotics to mask symptoms rather than address the physical problems that cause the symptoms. The Neurogenx Treatment changes all that.

FDA-cleared and patented as the only device of it’s kind, Neurogenx uses cutting-edgeelectro-medical protocol that is effective regardless of what chronic nerve condition caused the neuropathy. The Neurogenx Treatment is a non-narcotic, non-invasive and non-surgical. At your doctor’s discretion, it may combinedwith nerve block injections for more immediate pain relief.


87% Success Rate

87% reduction in symptoms is based on published medical studies. Offices following these protocols have seen similar results. Results may vary depending on age, condition, treatment compliance, genetics, diagnosis andother factors. Not all patients are candidates for treatment or are accepted for care.

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